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Reputation is crucial to a company's success. Here's what people are saying about us:


"Journalists often have love-hate relationships with public relations executives. Love when, under pressure, they get a story 'on a plate'; hate when they feel information is being controlled, that they are being manipulated. What they really need are relationships based on understanding and professional respect.

That's where Fiona McLean has immense expertise. Fiona pitches the appropriate information at the appropriate moment. There is always an appreciation of the professional demands on the journalist and this is harmonised with the communication needs of the client.
No love-hate. Simply highly effective communication that forms the foundation of lasting professional relationships. The ones that produce mutually satisfying outcomes."

Merlin John, Journalist, Agent4Change


"Fiona is exceptional. She is both incisive and empathetic. Her knowledge and understanding of the educational ICT sector is unrivalled."

Jack Kenny, Freelance Journalist


"Fiona has an instinctive feeling for what is right - that is why she is the best PR person I have worked with in over thirty years in technology industries. From helping defuse a crisis during a service outage to having a real passion for improving a brand image or just getting a new product noticed, she has what it takes."

Tim Pearson, former CEO, RM plc


"Fiona is one of the few people who not only know educational PR and communications, but has the respect of all the journalists and industry people she works with. Her honesty and integrity are above reproach and working with her has always been a delight."

Richard Taylor, Managing Director, Media Taylor


"Fiona has been my 'go to' PR guru for many years; her advice, knowledge and perspective have been invaluable in helping senior management teams understand the importance of PR and in setting me on the right path when day-to-day issues risk clouding strategic thinking."

Rachel Vicary, Marketing Manager, Cheltenham College


"I have worked with Fiona for over 20 years and I don't know anyone who knows the educational technology landscape as much as she does. In this time educational technology has grown from an emerging technology before the Internet existed, through to today's social media driven world. She has seen it all and seen how governments of various colours have shaped the UK landscape and how schools and teachers have developed. Fiona has amazing insights into this space - I can't recommend her highly enough."

Jim Wynn, CEO, Promethean World plc

"Fiona is a true marketing communications professional. She takes a strategic approach to brand building and problem solving - offering advice and wise counsel on how to overcome business issues. Her pragmatic approach to brand and communications, as well as her great relationship building abilities, make Fiona the go to person for corporate communications."

Amanda Peck, Director of Education, DynaVox Mayer-Johnson


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