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Watergaw, n.: old lowlands (lallans) Scots meaning rainbow, an odd shimmering and indistinct kind that has not fully formed.

About Watergaw

Watergaw is run by Fiona McLean, one of the brightest stars on the PR stage. Fiona has over 20 years marketing communications management experience gained mainly in the education and technology space.

As a communications leader, Fiona fundamentally believes in the ability of strategic communications to be a powerful agent for change, especially in the multimedia, instant news and opinion society in which we live. Her experience incorporates public perception and opinion changing, brand building, new market and sector development as well as crisis management, all using the full range of communications tools - including digital and social media as well as Public Affairs, PR, lobbying and key influencer strategies.

Fiona has excellent media relations skills and works extremely well with journalists, bloggers and key opinion formers - building trust and influence both with them and for the organisation she represents. As a seasoned Public Affairs professional, she is adept at using thought leadership, influencing and strategic communications to build successful influencer programmes and brand reputation.

Watergaw has a flexible approach to communications and works with a number of associates to provide the right skills and fit for our clients' needs. 


To find out more about how Watergaw can help you manage your company reputation, get in touch.

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